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Al-Irfan Research Center (SMC-Private) Limited Lahore, Pakistan launched “Al-Asr International Research Journal of Islamic Studies”, in 2020 vide online ISSN 2790-7694, print ISSN 2790-7686 consists of tri-lingual, peer-reviewed, double-blind and open-access research journal. This journal is a great initiative that provides a platform for authors, faculty members, and researchers to publish their research work on the topics of Islamic Legislation, and related subjects such as Qur'anic Studies, Hadith Literature, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Law, Islamic History, Theology, Islamic Thought, Religious Education, Islamic Art, Islamic Origins, Islamic Civilization, Muslim Societies, Oriental Studies in the Context of Islam.  The Chief Editor of the journal is Dr. Muhammad Sarwar.


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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): (July-December 2023)
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