Da’wah and Reformation of Society by Social Media


  • Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri Minhaj University, Lahore


The positive and negative effects of 21st-century technology development have affected a large part of the world's population. At the political, social, and economic levels, these effects are so widespread that there are no exceptions. Social media is a major aspect of this development of technology and the Internet. The need and importance of the media has been admitted in every age. However, the importance that social media has today has been not before that. In every home, social media has such a central status that the human body has a heart, every special connection and contact with social media covers hours, not minutes, which is not spent without hearing and watching. Social media is a wide, web-based and user-friendly application that provides new possibilities through content, social networking, mood and compatibility sharing, communication and collective intelligence sharing. That is why when social media platforms are used to transmit and disseminate information, there will also be a need to keep in mind that, moral boundaries should be taken into account. If this rogue horse of the media is left unbridled under the guise of freedom of expression on social media. So it will trample human morals underfoot with faith. That is why freedom of expression through social media should be used within the limits.




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