Beloved God's remembrance and thoughts of reformation (In light of the discovery of veiling)

محبوبان خدا کے تذکار اور اصلاح احوال کے افکار (کشف المحجوب کی روشنی میں)


  • Dr. Naeem Anwar Al-Azhari GCU
  • Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Tanzim Assistant Professor, Govt. Graduate College Daska


Beloved God, Remembrance, Discovery of Veiling, Thought of reformation


Sāyyīd Hājwīr, Mākhdōōm Imām, Sāyyīd Ali Bīn Us̲mān Hājwīrī in his famous book Kashfal-maḥjūb, mentioning the close servants of Allāh, one of them is AftabUmmāt and Shāmā Dēēn wā Mīllāt Hāzrāt Owāīs Qārnī. You have seen the visible life of the Messenger of Allāh, peace be upon him, but you have not been able to see his beauty. Two reasons have been given for this, one is due to dominance and the other is due to the right to serve his mother. The Messenger of Allāh (peace be upon him) mentioned Hāzrāt Owāīs Qārānī in his Hāyātāl-Aqdās in front of the Companions of the Prōphēt (may peace be upon him) and said, "There is a man named Owāīs in the Qur'ān, by whose intercession my ummāh will be equal to the number of hairs of the sheep of the tribe of Rābi'ā and the tribe of Mūzār on the Day of Resurrection." People will enter Paradise. Syēd Ali Hūjāwēēr says. This is also the meaning of this saying of Allāh Almighty that IlaIbādīk Mānhāmāl-Mākhlāsīn''. But among them are your loyal servants. Aẖdānāāl-Sārāt Al-Mūstāqēēm, Sārātāl-ZīnAnīmātAlēēm, the guīdance of the strāight path in this permanent and eternal life is available to us through the path of Al-Zīnn Anīmāt Allāīhim.




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Dr. Naeem Anwar Al-Azhari, and Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Tanzim. 2023. “Beloved God’s Remembrance and Thoughts of Reformation (In Light of the Discovery of veiling): محبوبان خدا کے تذکار اور اصلاح احوال کے افکار (کشف المحجوب کی روشنی میں)”. Al-Asr International Research Journal of Islamic Studies 3 (2):43-58.