The Required Role of Youth in the Fifth Generation Warfare

ففتھ جنریشن وار میں نوجوانوں کامطلوبہ کردار


  • Muhammad Abubakar Faizi Librarian, Minhaj ul Quran International
  • Dr. Masood Ahmad Mujahid Assistant Professor, Minhaj University, Lahore


Fifth Generation War, Youth, Islam, Weapon


After listening to the word “War” thinking will arise in our minds about fighting. A fight between two persons or two countries is called “war”. Different wars were fought in different eras with different methods. Over time, wars are fought with modern technology. In past, people were fighting with stones, arrows, and swords, but now it is replaced with model weapons and technologies. Now, the current war is called the fifth generation war. This war is much more severe for the fifth generation. In this war, an enemy must propagate among the people of the country and make against their people and country. The work was taken with weapons, now it has been taken by propagating. Unfortunately, this is a cyber war that has been used against Islam and Islamization. We should fight against it and should release our generation from its claw.





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Muhammad Abubakar Faizi, and Dr. Masood Ahmad Mujahid. 2023. “The Required Role of Youth in the Fifth Generation Warfare: ففتھ جنریشن وار میں نوجوانوں کامطلوبہ کردار”. Al-Asr International Research Journal of Islamic Studies 2 (2):63-80.