Guidance from the Economic Aspect of Qasas ul-Hadith in the Modern Era

قصص الحدیث کے معاشی پہلوسے عصرحاضر میں رہنمائی


  • Dr. Muhammad Karim Khan ICBS,Lahore
  • Prof Dr. Humayon Abbas Shams Professor, GCU, Faisalabad


Qasas ul Hadith, Economic Aspect, Moderan Era


Hadith is the second primary source of Islamic Shariah. Hadith provides better guidance to all the Muslims of the world in many ways and methods. One of them is to illustrate the religious issues and make them easier to understand by putting examples and telling the stories from affairs and incidents of the ex-prophets and the ups and downs of ancient nations and they are called Qisas-ul-Hadith.In these stories of Hadith, very much guidance is available for various issues and topics and one of these topics is a suitable solution to economic problems. The “economic” has been existing as a fundamental problem in every age and still existed all around.

The economic issues with their different values in ancient and current times are very common and the same for the nations of the world. So it is obvious that Hadith-Stories can give full assistance to solve the economic problems of the current age efficiently. In this article, the solution to the same problems is discussed in light of the Hadith Stories.





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Karim Khan, Dr. Muhammad, and Prof Dr. Humayon Abbas Shams. 2023. “Guidance from the Economic Aspect of Qasas Ul-Hadith in the Modern Era: قصص الحدیث کے معاشی پہلوسے عصرحاضر میں رہنمائی”. AL-ASR 2 (2):1-22.